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Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a herbal drink that for centuries has been known for its medicinal properties & health benefits. In Ancient Egypt Hibiscus tea was served cold & drunk by Pharaohs for its healing abilities, and used in healing practices in North Africa & South East Asia. In a study of 282 beverages, Hibiscus tea ranked highest in its antioxidant content - higher than green tea & matcha. Research has also shown that Hibiscus tea may be as effective as current blood pressure medication in lowering blood pressure. As always, seek professional help if intending to use herbal tea for medicinal properties or if pregnant. Here’s a list of some more benefits of this tea ↓


- Lowers blood pressure by increasing Nitric Oxide production & helping arteries relax and dilate more easily

- Reduces spasms in the stomach, uterus & intestines which improves menstrual pain, cramping, and IBS related symptoms

- Regulates healthy cholesterol levels - Loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals, which prevent cellular damage

- Contains Vitamin C and Iron which support a strong & healthy immune system

- Works as a gentle laxative & is a diuretic which reduces water retention, bloating & constipation

- Aids liver function

- Holds medicinal properties for nerve diseases, blood circulation, & upper respiratory tract pain & inflammation

- Has antibacterial properties which helps fight infection

Important: Tannins in Hibiscus as with all teas inhibit Iron absorption & are released as Hibiscus sits longer in hot water. I recommend using a strainer or only steep Hibiscus in warm water for 2 minutes if seeking the benefit of Vitamin C & Iron. To reap the other benefits of this tea, I recommend steeping the flowers in warm water for 5 minutes before straining.

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