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About Me

Hello! I'm Sandra, an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and a Nutritionist. I have a tertiary Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences and a Master of Dietetics degree. I take on a holistic approach to promote, educate, and guide well-being through the use of dietary intervention, lifestyle modification and psychological awareness.

I use an evidence-based approach to treatment by finding and treating the root cause rather than the presenting symptoms alone. 

With the right support through holistic healing and dietary intervention, I believe the human body has an incredible way of healing itself within the right environment. 

My areas of focus are: Weight Management & Eating Disorders, High Cholesterol & Heart Health, Gut Health including IBS/Coeliac/Colitis,  Women's Health & Hormones including PCOS & Endometriosis, Thyroid Health, Mental & Emotional Health, Immune Disorders & Inflammation, Diabetes, Preconception & Fertility,  Pregnancy & Prenatal Care and Paediatric and Adolescent Nutrition.

Fresh Food

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My Philosophy

Every aspect of physical and mental health — the food that you eat, the bacteria in your gut, the regulation of your nervous system and the function of your hormones are interconnected. I believe in a holistic approach to finding your root-cause beyond just your symptoms and in the power of dietary intervention to help you become a healthier, happier, more nourished, you. 

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